This is a very simple game, it is an arcade type of game. Learn to fly 2 is about a penguin who stumbles upon Wikipedia and reads that his species cannot fly. This makes him angry and he decides to show the world just how wrong they can be. He decides to use rockets and glinders to prove the whole world wrong.

Learn to fly 2The instructions to this game are pretty simple all you need to do is glind or fly as far as you can on your limited fuel. At the start of the game, all you will need to do is to keep your bird as steady as you can. This however will change the moment you earn your first glinder. Its is then you will notice that is just not about flying, you will add in some strategy so as to get even further. The game might look simple but it’s actually not, glinding might be an easy instruction but for you to unlock other levels, you will do more than that. In short the main goal here is to fly as high and as far as possible.

Just like the game, the controls are very much simple, all you will need to do is press left to hang back and press right to tilt forward. This will be the routine for the first few days, that is until you can earn your first glinder. You will later get to use your space bar after you earn your first rocket. This will need you to press it with extreme surgical precision so as to get the most out of the limited fuel. The controls sound simple but the fact is, the smallest tild can make a huge difference.


Second version of Learn two fly has some amazing levels, as you advance, you will get great cut scenes and of course great play. As you get the hang of of it you earn multipliers which in turn will help you unlock new levels. The game has six upgrades which can be accessed as you continue with the game. As the levels advance, you get to be a tougher penguin and in the same case you will fly much further and earn more multipliers and equipment.

The equipment them self is not at all bad, you will get air resistance gear which will enable you to fly faster thus further. The game also has a head-start which will allow you to fly very far at a minimum time. The further you fly the better equipment and money you get.

The game itself promises great play time and of course time passing. You will not realize as the time passes by. Its an addicting game.